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All-in-One Customer Service Solution: Build relationships and create loyal customers.

Why Do You Need Abhisi?

It eliminates the cost and hassle of using multiple half-baked products. Abhisi is a powerful all-in-one solution, designed to boost sales and grow your loyal customer base.

Communicate Faster and Better with Your Customers

Everything you need to help your customers - from sales to support.

  • Zero Setup: There is nothing to install or setup on your server. Simply redirect your support emails to Abhisi and you're on Cloud 9.
  • Use Any Device: Answer support requests anytime, using any device and from anywhere on the planet.
  • Provide 24/7 Service: Abhisi Help Docs give your customers a self service helping hand anytime 24/7. That's freedom for you and your customers!
  • Valuable Reports: Track everything: average response time, number of customers helped, replies per customer - just to name a few. Real-time data to help everyone on your team.
  • Quick Replies: With quick and incredibly powerful predefined replies, support answers will require no more than a few mouse clicks. Time is now on your side.
  • Cover All Bases: Let your customers contact you with what they feel comfortable: Email, Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Help Docs, Phone.
  • Automation Magic: Intelligent processing can handle message replies, assignments to team members, sending notifications and message tagging. Automatically.
  • Incredible Reliability: Abhisi uses Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure so your support system will be fast, secure and reliable... with a guaranteed availability of 99.99%.

* Businesses use Abhisi to improve customer relationships. 

* Trusted. Reliable. Hassle-free. Abhisi is known to increase efficiency up to 80%.



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It eliminates the cost and hassle of using multiple half-baked products. Abhisi is a powerful all-in-one solution, designed to boost sales and grow your loyal customer base: spider solitaire


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Abhisi seems very use ful to consumers. i will learn more about this app, thanks for sharing the info. 

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