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Cloohawk is a suite of social media growth strategies with powerful automation. Cloohawk offers a ready made list of ideas and topics that can be used to engage with your audience. This list is extracted based your audience conversations and will be highly relevant to you. It is your intelligent social media assistant that analyses social media, and identifies tasks to engage with your target audience, influencers and leads. Do these tasks daily and supercharge your social media reach by 10X! 


Cloohawk gives a bunch of conversations relevant to your industry. The conversations are further segregated into tasks such as Like, Comment, Retweet and so on. It just frees up your time and enables you to spend time towards planning long term strategy. 

Now spend just 30 minutes at the start of the day on Twitter management, and become super productive.

Cloohawk Product Features & Benefits

1) Content Ideas

The ‘Trending Stories’, ‘Retweet these posts’ and ‘daily hashtags’ options on Cloohawk gives you a list of the most popular topics based on your audience interest. You can add your comments on the posts from within Cloohawk and share it without having to go into Twitter. You also get the option of posting immediately or post at the best time based on audience analytics.

2) Increase Audience

Cloohawk has the ability to identify influencers and fans who are interested in your brand. With the help of ‘follow/unfollow’ task, you will be able to connect with the most suitable audience for your brand. 

3) Engage with Audience

Cloohawk being a smart listener, suggest different ways in which you can engage with your audience. You can like, share, retweet and comment on different posts based on the type of content that interests your audience. 

4) Stay on top of your audience’s choices

5) Converse with your audience to build the connection

6) Track Every move of Your Competitor

7) Take your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level with Automation


Cloohawk offers you a rare opportunity to put in less time while you can manage most of your Twitter activities.

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