Competitive Business

75% Off ($360 / Year) to Monitor 4 Competitors (Stackable)

Competitive Business allows business owners to monitor their competitors' website changes, trial emails, newsletters, social media and blog articles and much more.

  • Website changes: comparing text and visual changes on competitors' pages and alerts you when a change is detected;
  • New pages detection: Your competitors are creating new content to get new visitors and convince them to buy from them. Competitive Business alerts you when new pages are created;
  • SEO changes: We track SEO page elements (title, headings, metadata ...) so you know what is their keyword strategy;
  • Keywords rankings: Receive Google rankings tracking reports to know where you need to work more
  • Ads (soon): Know what Ads are your competitors running on Google Adwords. Get inspired by their copyrighting and see their most valuable keywords;
  • Newsletter: Get screenshots of all their newsletters;
  • Emails (accounts): See they're exact lead nurturing strategy to convert leads into paying customers or improve churn;
  • Social Media Performance & Activity: See what posts get more engagement, benchmark against your actions.

Remember, we are improving every day, so just reach out and tell us what you think.



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