Flexie CRM

30% Off for 1 Year

Flexie CRM, provides exceptional services to your business automation and customer journey. You can use Flexie CRM for different things in your company. It is a fully featured business solution which allows you to structure your data flow, making lead capture an easy thing to do. We also offer lead profiling where you can enrich lead data (the more you know the more chances you have to convert the lead).

Flexie CRM has a powerful workflow engine which allows you to design your own flow, and by automating all repetitive processes, you free up time for important tasks that need your complete attention. Simple, powerful and intuitive workflow designer. 

Also you can have fully customizable dashboard, which you can add or edit whenever you see it appropriate and gain vast insights into the number of converted leads, created deals, won and lost deals, sent & read marketing emails, and much more.


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