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JetWebinar is the only webinar platform that can broadcast to a worldwide audience of any size without sacrificing quality and having a lag time of less than 1 second. JetWebinar can also automatically host webinars that run exactly like live events.

- Host real time and simulated live events.

- Chat with attendees through email and text message.

- Less than a 300ms lag time.

- Fully customizable webinar presentation platform.

- Can host webinars with 10,000+ attendees

- Easily connect with your CRM/marketing automation system 

You can integrate JetWebinar using your current marketing automation/CRM/email automation systems which allows you to automatically segment your audience and allows you to use webinars in every aspect of your business such as lead generation, qualifying your leads, customer on-boarding/training, Q&A sessions, up-selling your current customers.

By hosting live and simulated live webinars you allow yourself to reach a bigger audience, convey a consistent message all while using less employees to communicate with more people. Simulated live webinars also is timezone friendly so people in different timezones or in different countries will see times they can sign up for the event in their own timezone which gives you the ability to scale your business beyond yourself.

Join over 1,000 members of JetWebinar community to help you better scale your companies sales and marketing performance all while helping you and your employees scale their efforts.  

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