Free for Students and Educators for 3 years

SelfCAD is a browser-based 3D modeling software that offers an easy to use platform that allows one to model, sculpt and print models all under one program hence you don't need to install any extension or software and this makes SelfCAD the perfect software to be used in classrooms and workshops.

Unlike other 3D software out there, SelfCAD is easier to learn yet powerful. You can master everything in a matter of hours. Has various tools like the ImageGenerator tool which allows inexperienced users to create printable 3D shapes from Images. There are also advanced tools like the Magic Fix tool which makes the model ready for printing by identifying problems and magically fixing them .
Moreover, SelfCAD has a built-in slicer which prepares the models for printing .

SelfCAD has already partnered with MyminiFactory, this allows SelfCADer's to have access to more than 30,0000 models which are printable and they can also upload their models for the world to see them.It's free for students and teachers and for the general users they have a one month trial period and $4.99/m thereafter, and this makes SelfCAD the most affordable professional software.

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