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Social Champ is the best way to automate your all social media efforts, day-to-day posting, A/B testing and optimization.

Social Champ brings all the automation you need to schedule your social media content.

It has the best features from all available scheduling tools in one place so you don’t have to be confused amongst many options available.

apart from scheduling are:

1) Bulk Upload feature from a CSV file: Imagine scheduling months of content, with a single click.

2) Auto post content via RSS feed:
Auto-sharing of content by watching a Blog Post and appending custom text too, for example watching Social Champ's blog and sharing at-max 1 article/day on my twitter appending a text 'via @SocialChampSays'

3) Repeat on Twitter & Facebook: Asking users the 'x' number of times and the time gap between repeats, on twitter, we give two creative options, either they can delete their previously posted tweet or, chose the option of auto-retweeting this previous tweets. We show grouped analytics that separates the clicks of each repeat too. ON Facebook we repeat and give the option of 'hiding the previous post from timeline' so the account doesn't look spammy.
Note: We have internal rules to ban users who use this feature to spam

4) Reposting from Bulk Upload: This will allow users to post the same post again, 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'Yearly'. You can also make 'Yearly' posts 'Forever', for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc.

5) Recycle Content: Create a folder adding all your content into it and fix a day for those kind of posts to be posted. We will keep your social media queue filled from those posts.
Example: Imagine you want to post ‘Quotes’ on Monday, and post your blogs on Wednesday, you can create two folders, one for Quotes and other for Blog Links, having 100+ content into it. Next all you have to do is selecting timing and date for those folders to be posted, and we will choose content from that folder to post.

Apart from these, we have other less powerful features too,

1. Click Once – Share to Many – Share content in one click across multiple social networks
2. Content Suggestion – Find good quality and productive stories to share
3. Image Editor – Use the power of Adobe to edit your images applying filters to stickers
4. Draggable Calendar – Drag posts in calendar view and quickly schedule or edit
5. Queue Custom Timings – Setup a custom queue and keep filling those timings
6. Link Shortening & Tracking – Links get auto shortened and tracked using UTM codes
7. Groups – Group your favorite or similar social networks and select them all in one go
8. Analytics – Track clicks, likes, retweets, favorites and export them in CSV file too
9. Chrome Extension, iOS & Android App – Picks the content right from the website and schedule
10. Team Collaboration – invite your team members and share your social profiles without sharing your password.



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