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The SwipedOn visitor management system will streamline and modernize your front desk, making those crucial first impressions of your business truly impress. With excellent design, amazing support and unbeatable value, SwipedOn is used by thousands of companies to greet millions of visitors all over the world.

Seamlessly record all of your visitors information upon arrival, capture photographs and even ask them to digitally sign agreements. Hosts are instantly notified and custom ID badges can be printed wirelessly. Keep your staff safe and secure by using the optional employee in-out feature to monitor movements. 

Great for internal communication, time-tracking or just site safety. SwipedOn can be customized to reinforce your brand and create something truly unique that engages your guests from the moment they arrive.



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I found what I was looking for law dissertation writing help and found a team of experts who helped me out and gave me quality work. My friend told me that SwipedOn lets you pre-register visitors and notify employees instantly via text message or email. Users can sync multiple iPads, locations, and even run a global account from a single admin login! SwipedOn doubles as a handy evacuation management tool, allowing you to use the iPad as a portable roll call checklist.


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