Content marketing has long been an integral part of almost any digital marketing strategy. At SEMrush we know that content marketing tasks are a big part of the daily workflow of marketing professionals. Therefore, we actively concentrate our efforts on the development of content tools and have developed an all-in-one toolkit to help digital marketers with their workflow.

As always, we set ourselves an ambitious goal - to create the best solution for effective implementation of content marketing tasks. And the first step to achieving this goal is to understand the greatest barrier faced by content professionals - what prevents them from performing their work faster and more efficiently?

We partnered with the Content Marketing Institute and conducted a survey with our subscribers about content marketing workflow and tasks. As a result, we received many interesting insights that allowed us to not only understand the key problems of content marketers but also gave us ideas on what would help them solve these problems and create successful content. These conclusions are outlined in a white paper “The Invisible Key to Content Success: The Importance of Data Consolidation, Collaboration & Workflow”. We also plan to use the findings for the further development of our content tools and features.

In this infographic, we want to share with you the top 3 problems of 5 content professionals: content strategists, PR/marketing specialists, content writers, editors, and project managers. We also share our vision about the solution to these problems, while you'll also find a number of fantastic tips in our content marketing strategy guide.

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