7 Reasons Why Your Emails Go To Spam

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If your email open rates are low, it is quite likely that your emails are not making it to the subscriber's inbox but are landing in spam. So you are left wondering, “why are my emails going to spam instead of the inbox, even though I am not a spammer?” You don’t ask people for credit card details and certainly don’t sell some snake oil.

But the truth is that the spam filters don’t know your intentions and they rely solely on how you follow the rules of email marketing. If your behavior mimics that of a spammer, you are also tagged as one of them and your emails are sent to the spam folder.

Email gatekeepers keeping spammers awayEmail Gatekeepers

Sometimes, you might tweak a few things while fixing your spam problems and that might just worsen the situation. This will happen if you don’t know what to look at while identifying the cause of your emails going to spam.

So in this guide, we will be covering 7 major categories of why your emails might be going to the spam folder.

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