Copywriting based on the science of persuasion

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Science of Persuasion
If you’re ever going to sell anything online, copywriting is a much needed skill. The conventional copywriting wisdom says that you should more or less try stick to the following formula: 1. Tell the reader you understand their need, 2. Tell your prospect why your product is the best solution they can buy, 3. Offer all kinds of proof like testimonials, charts and so on, 4. Explain all the ways the product will benefit the customer, 5. Present the price in a way that makes it sound like a great deal, 6. Give a (better than) money-back guarantee, 7. Add bonus products to really motivate the customer to buy, 8. Make it a limited time or quantity offer, 9.Ask for the sale and tell them exactly what steps to take. Is the exact sequence that persuades people or why should this work? What scientific data is available to use about persuasion? Which research can we rely on to make our writing more persuasive? Here’s a summary of the most prominent books and publications on the matter.

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