A growth hacker is somebody who is heavily focused on growth. Their goal is to install scalable growth strategies. Growth hackers are often marketers who know how to code. In our opinion, being able to code is just essential in 2015. Every marketer should know how to code (even at a basic level) to understand what it takes to build landing pages, websites, APIs and more. In 2015, growth hacking is very popular and marketers quite easily use the term to define a growth tactic rather than a real “hack”. This is quite normal as growth hacking as a discipline matures. We get to a point where a lot of marketers are data driven and analytical and have more of a Growth Hacking spirit than before. Most of the great “hacks” have been put together by creative people without any cash. They didn’t have advertising dollars to spend and had to look for unexpected growth channels. Most famous “growth hacks” include Hotmail’s tagline, Mailbox’s waiting list and PayPal’s referral program to name a few. At Onalytica we always look at how topics and communities evolve on social media, we have done this for B2B Marketing and Content Marketing just recently. We were amazed by the huge volume surrounding the Twitter discussion on Growth Hacking. It’s one the biggest online discussions we have ever measured for our blog and we analysed 1,208,004 tweets from 84,198 Twitter handles.

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