Picture this: your customer encounters an issue. She checks your website to see if she can find an answer there. No luck. She checks out your ‘Contact Support’ page. There are a few options here, so she decides to shoot an email. A few hours later, she’s tired of waiting and tweets at your company to see if that’s any quicker. Finally, someone responds to her tweet…with a 1-800 number to contact the support team. Yikes. You’ve just made her reach out THREE times, just for one answer. You may mark this as a successful resolution in your own books, but at what cost? Not only is channel switching inefficient and frustrating for your customers, it’s a dangerous churn signal for you. Here’s a finding from The Effortless Experience that might surprise you: 96% of customers who experience channel switching or other friction-causing scenarios, later report a lack of brand loyalty to that particular company. That makes nearly every customer who goes through a “high-effort” experience a likely candidate for churn.

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