How to Sell on Facebook (Even without an Ecommerce Store)

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2.19 billion people.

Let that number sink in for a second.

I want you to think about just how much money you could make if I came to you with a list 2.19 billion people long.

People who are just waiting to be marketed to, who are waiting to find the right product before bringing out their wallet to buy.

If you can find that right product, you could be sitting on a potential fortune.

The question is, where are you going to find 2.19 billion people?


According to Statista, Facebook boasts a monthly active user base of 2.19 billion people. That’s 2.19 billion potential customers active at least once per month.

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It sounds great in theory, right?

I mean, it’ a huge number of people and the opportunity there is gigantic. If you could figure out how to leverage that ready-made audience, you could be sitting on a massive potential windfall – even if you could only convert 1% of the users.

But that’s the problem right?

How do you leverage that audience?

You can’t rely solely on Facebook’s marketplace as it robs you of international trade. It’s a service focused on “selling within your community”, not on driving hundreds of thousands in revenue through the platform.

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