When a customer wants to buy a t-shirt, chances are they will be looking for variations of that shirt with different designs and sizes. In WooCommerce, these variations are known as variable products.

With the WooCommerce variable product feature, you can create specific products that have multiple variations. Say you’ve made the aforementioned t-shirt in five different colors. Rather than set up five different product pages—which is confusing for shoppers and also takes a lot of extra time for you—you can set up a single product page that includes those colors as variations. Sizes are also variations that you can include on the same product page.

Some other variation examples include food with multiple flavors, ingredients, and toppings. Or, a pet goods store might offer accessories in the same style but different colors.



NEW 1 month ago

What a very smart system! I can choose my shirt exactly here fireboy and watergirl odyssey.

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