Today, let’s talk about growth hacking. Every business owner will do whatever to grow their business. Today, we have at our disposal more information, tools, resources, and skillsets than ever before. How do you take advantage of all of these assets to grow your business? Finding innovative ways to get things done in order to achieve a definite result is the job of a hacker. Growth hacking was first used by startups to achieve significant growth rates for their businesses. In 1996, co-workers Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith built a web-based email system (Hotmail). And within 6 months, they had their first 1 million users. By the time they sold it to Microsoft 17 months later, they had clocked 12 million users. How did they achieve this significant growth within a short time? That’s growth hacking at work. And you’ll learn all about it in this article.

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