Human Agents vs. Chatbots: How to Best Integrate the Skill Sets of Both in Your Contact Center

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The industrial revolution kickstarted the 'Man Vs. Machine' battle. And with the technological revolution being led by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), that battle has only deepened.

Chatbots, which are computer software that can mimic human conversations, have risen as the top contenders.

Typically, chatbots are made to do repetitive tasks that can be resolved with canned responses, following a specific logical process.

Despite all the advantages of chatbots, there are specific circumstances when a human agent will come out on top in providing a better customer experience.

How chatbots and human agents complement each other

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We have seen that chatbots and human agents each have specific strengths that make them particularly successful in certain scenarios.

Head over below to explore some practical tips.

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