Ideal Customer Profile Framework

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I can’t over-emphasize how important it is to have a clear definition of your Ideal Customer. Your Ideal Customer Profile – ICP – dictates (or should dictate) everything from the features and functionality of the SaaS product you build, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into in your marketing. I think people forget that you actually get to choose your customers. You get to choose who you want to do business with. So creating an Ideal Customer Profile isn’t limiting… it’s empowering! In fact, if you don’t choose who you want to do business with, your customers will choose you… and they may very well be less-than-Ideal.



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You are free to negotiate terms with anybody you super mario bros choose. Developing an Ideal Customer Profile isn't restrictive; rather, it's liberating. If you don't choose your company partners carefully, your consumers will—and they may not be ideal.


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The ICP structure ensures your brand-new retro bowl customers really feel valued and also sustained. It likewise determines if existing customers are a good long-term suitable for your service (minimizing your churn rate).


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Your brand-new consumers will get the impression that they are cherished drift hunters and that they are being supported thanks to the ICP structure.


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