Two weeks ago, Cathryn and Allen launched the “SELF Journal” on Kickstarter. 28 hours later it hit their funding goal of $15,000, and now it’s earned over $100k. But they didn’t just launch and hope for the best. They collected 3,235 emails of people who would be interested in their product, and they did it all in under 3 months. I saw the SELF Journal blowing up on Twitter, and once I was done backing the Kickstarter, I reached out to Cathryn to find out how they did it. So, without further ado, take it away Cathryn!



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It's impressive to hear about Cathryn and Allen's success with the "SELF Journal" Kickstarter campaign. Achieving their funding tunnel rush goal of $15,000 within 28 hours and surpassing $100,000 is a significant accomplishment. It's evident that they put in considerable effort to make their campaign a success.

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