If your goal as a content writer is to have a piece of content show up in Google's top 10 results, you have to know SEO best practices and be aware of a variety of variables that could impact rankings. For example, the need to focus on specific locations and devices, the text’s readability for target customers, article length optimization, and plagiarism issues; this is a lot to think about, but there is one tool that can help you with all of these issues. 

Using the SEO Writing Assistant tool, SEMrush has analyzed more than 22,000 articles to determine the most common practices of content gurus. This research helps you to take a look at the best practices of content writers throughout the world, not from the theoretical side, but in how people are creating and optimizing their content.

We also give some specific recommendations for content optimization based on actual content from Google Top 10 rivals for target keywords. It is worth noting that a fourth of all the pieces of content analyzed in this study that was optimized with the SEO Writing Assistant tool is displaying in Google's top 10.

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