Smaller teams generally have lower capacity. If you have a small human resources team, you’ll know that already. You’ll also know retention is a big problem – and hits harder – when you have fewer HR employees (and less time).



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Does this LMS provider charge hidden fees?

Hidden fees, sometimes known as per-user fees, are very widespread in the e learning management system sector. Typically, service providers set a limit on the number of users a learning management system can accommodate, and if that limit is reached, customers are charged an extra fee for each new user. Thankfully, some suppliers offer clear and upfront LMS pricing, ensuring that your organisation is not penalised for expanding.

"Do you charge per-user fees?" is one of the most crucial financial questions that need answering during an LMS search. "Is this a flat-rate LMS?" and "Is this a flat-rate Learning Management System?" If there are any hidden expenses, you should probably invest in a flat-rate service to get the highest ROI.


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