Not only can preboarding give you a quick start, but it can also show how organized you are. It’s really up to you how much or how little you cover in preboarding. The golden rule is to try and see it from a new hire’s perspective.

Think about the journey your new hire went through before starting their job. Your new employee likely checked out your reviews before applying for your vacancy. 86% of job seekers now research an organization as routine.



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On learning platforms, several levels of visual customization are accessible. At its most basic, this can simply entail placing your emblem in the upper corner and using the design's brand colors. For the most seamless, uniform appearance and feel, you might make your open source learning management system appear to be an extension of your brand's website or intranet at the more advanced end. Discover where your LMS falls on this spectrum to determine what customizations you may make so that it looks completely unique to you.


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