Next to Buy Now, what is the most profitable click your business can target? Subscribe. As CMI’s Joe Pulizzi explains: While larger enterprises are fighting silo battles, politics, and tearing each other apart focusing on (sometimes) meaningless metrics, small players with patience and passion are building audiences and winning. Once you build an audience (of email subscribers), anything is possible. The truth is that building an engaged and sizable email list is hands-down the most long-term, profit-generating investment you can make. In fact, a McKinsey study reveals that email is a whopping 40 times more powerful at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. On top of that, the average email-based order’s dollar value is 17% higher than social media channels. That’s the good news. The bad news is … getting your visitors to sign up is a struggle – one that many online marketers never overcome. That’s why I’m going to share 11 proven strategies you can start today to build your email list like crazy. Eleven strategies might sound like a lot to implement, but Buffer’s success in doubling its email sign-ups in 30 days required at least eight strategies.

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