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Oribi empowers everybody in your marketing team to be on top of your website - no need for developers or analysts. 

Use Oribi to:

  • Conversion Optimization - Define and track your conversion goals easily, Oribi is as flexible as you need to be
  • Channel & Campaign Analysis - Allocate your resources right to really make a difference
  • Funnels - Know where you lose visitors, also across your domains and subdomains and get the insights how to optimize your site
  • Event Correlations - Find out how your blog, your pricing page, and more affect your conversions
  • Visitor Journeys - Follow single visitors through your site, understand usage patterns and learn from your visitors

Do you have several domains? Track them all with one Oribi account! And the best - export and share jaw-dropping reports for each domain, designed to make you shine.


Web analytics has never been easier. Convert more of your visitors using Oribi!

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