How it works

What deals are accepted?

As a SaaS-focused community, we are looking for deals that help SaaS businesses run and grow their businesses better! If it fits that bill, then please submit your deal!

This could be a deal on:

Or anything that helps better the SaaS community.

Deal submission process

It is now a self-service deal platform that allows businesses to post deals directly.

1. Submit a deal

2. Approval process

3. Publish deal live

Types of deals

We now offer two types of Deals:

1. Limited time deal

This is a deal that will expire at a specific date.

What is it best for?

Limited time deals are best for deals that are of higher value, more unique and time sensitive. They are great for product launches, flash sales and lifetime access offers!

What is the advantage?

It creates a better sense of “I need to purchase this now” before it expires!

2. Ongoing deal

These deals are ongoing monthly and only expire when you cancel the deal. They are offered in Monthly or Yearly prices.

What is it best for?

Ongoing deals help increase brand visibility and is best used for deals that won’t expire and are generally around extending free trials, free deals and other offers with a generally lower value than limited time campaigns. This is because they are generally not unique deals to SaaS Invaders but can often times be found on other deal sites.

What is the advantage?

Ongoing deals are best for taking advantage of the Google Chrome Plugin in which users download and are notified of deals when visiting URLS. If you choose it to be a featured deal it will also show on the Chrome Plugin when on any site that does not currently have a Deal.

Additionally ongoing deals takes better advantage of the SaaS Invaders Google Chrome Plugin that shows your deals when a user visits your site, and helps with initial conversion.

Have questions?

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