In the latest episode of Process Street’s Employee Onboarding Podcast, host Erin sits down with Tarek Kamil, CEO and founder of Cerkl, to explore the future of employee onboarding in a world powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Tarek shares insights into his passion for technology and AI, discussing the transformative potential of incorporating AI into the onboarding process. Throughout the conversation, listeners gain valuable insights into Tarek’s journey and the inspiration behind Cerkl, as well as the ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation. Join them as they discuss the exciting possibilities and future implications of AI in employee engagement.



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Affordable industrial estimation is a crucial tool in streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. This visionary approach to employee onboarding promises to revolutionize how companies integrate new hires, ensuring smooth transitions and accelerated productivity. It's a testament to innovation in the workplace, offering practical solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape.


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Having pioneered tech innovations, I advocate for a holistic approach to employee onboarding, as discussed in this podcast. Prioritizing culture integration, skill development, and personalized experiences dish internet and cable packages fosters long-term engagement and productivity. By aligning onboarding practices with organizational values, companies can cultivate a motivated workforce poised for success in today's dynamic tech landscape.


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