PPC Tools: 39 Solutions for Paid Advertising Pros (Plus a Bonus)

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Paid Advertising

PPC traffic is considered an “easy” one to get. You allocate a budget, set up a campaign, hit the button, and see the traffic flow and turn into valuable leads.

This is how things went in the early 2000s when the competition was low, and CTRs were high. Almost 20 years later, the effort you need to put into creating a successful PPC campaign has grown exponentially. More platforms, more targeting options, more formats — sometimes it takes all your time to manage them. The good news is that you can vastly improve your ad performance and do it rather quickly with some smart tools.

We talked to our PPC team, as well as dozens of PPC marketers at several conferences we attended this spring and came up with a list of 39 tools that make the lives of paid advertising pros easier. The list below will help you save time, lower ad costs, manage accounts, get more leads, and automate some laborious tasks you may have considered unavoidable.

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