The Role of the C-Suite in Customer Success + Product Management Alignment

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The results are in: a strong alignment between Customer Success and Product Management teams creates stronger and more successful companies. In UserIQ’s 2019 Customer Success + Product Management Alignment Benchmarking Report, conducted in partnership with SuccessHacker and ProductCamp, we found that one of the greatest opportunities for companies today is a stronger alignment between their customer success and product management teams.

Since we first conducted research on this topic in 2017, we’ve explored so many of the reasons why this alignment is so important, but there’s still a big question to be answered: what does buy-in for CS + PM alignment from the highest levels of management looks like, and how do you get it? The individual contributors on both teams are the “boots on the ground” making the alignment happen, but a cultural shift from the top down is still needed to exemplify its importance and drive the strategic vision. 

To tackle this question, let’s dive into what our benchmarking report uncovered about how the most successful teams are making alignment a reality and getting buy-in from the C-suite along the way. 

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